• Lane, Robbie – It’s Happening

  • Lane, Robbie - It's Happening

    It's Happening featuring Robbie Lane and the Disciples was one of the most popular music shows in Canada. This album features both the TV and 45 versions of the hit theme song. It also includes one of the few remaining video clips from the show.

    Unfortunately, most of the episodes were either recorded over or disposed of!

    Currently Out of Print 



    01 It's Happening 45 Version)
    02 Mr. Dieingly Sad
    03 Sandy
    04 Two Brothers
    05 And I Know
    06 Just A Little While Ago
    07 Where Has Love Gone
    08 You Gotta Have Love
    09 I'll Know It
    10 Lonely Boy
    11 Stay With Me
    12 The Girl That I Marry
    13 It's Happening (TV Version)
    14 Summer Vacation
    15 Memories
    16 I Like It Like That ( Video)




  • Tracklist

    01. It's Happening 45 Version) 
    02. Mr. Dieingly Sad 
    03. Sandy 
    04. Two Brothers 
    05. And I Know 
    06. Just A Little While Ago 
    07. Where Has Love Gone 
    08. You Gotta Have Love 
    09. I'll Know It 
    10. Lonely Boy 
    11. What Am I Gonna Do 
    12. The Girl That I Marry 
    13. It's Happening (TV Version) 
    14. Summer Vacation 
    15. Memories 
    16. I Like It Like That ( Video)